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Les pénibles heures du Victoria.

We have had record heat in Victoria. Two weeks ago we had about 4 days over 40, then 2 days ago Melbourne reached 46.8°C. Unfortunately on both these periods there have been bushfires.

You will probably hear in the news of the disaster that has occurred here on the weekend.
There have been over 100 deaths and 700 homes burnt to the ground. Some fires are still out of control and there are more bodies being found as police work through the  burnt areas. Most have been people trying to escape the fires in their cars.  The fires have travelled so fast that where people though they had plenty of time to get away they have been trapped.

The Age

And in North Queensland there are major floods from a couple of cyclones plus normal wet season rains.
They say that with climate change/global warming we have to expect more of this extreme weather.

Extrait d’une conversation avec nos australiens, Snugglepot et Cuddlepie.

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